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Sats & Gwei | Ejara raises $8mil | Mercy Corps and Fonbnk pilot a ‘Learn to Earn’ program | NEAR partners with Afropolitan | and more!

Sats & Gwei | Ejara raises $8mil | Mercy Corps and Fonbnk pilot a ‘Learn to Earn’ program | NEAR partners with Afropolitan | and more!

Bankless Africa presents Sats & Gwei, a podcast for your weekly crypto news update from all around Africa!

African tech startups continue to push the limits in the African blockchain space, with Ejara completing its most recent $8million funding round to facilitate the building of its service which allows users to buy, sell and trade crypto through non-custodial wallets - meaning users own keys to their wallets!

South Africa is officially regulating cryptocurrency exchanges through the use of fiscal policies that will involve KYC procedures for doxxing these organizations and verifying customer ID documents. Also trending is the recently launched GetPaid platform built by Clickpesa on the stellar blockchain network geared towards improving the earning ability of freelancers, traders and creatives in Africa.

Headlining the crypto learning and earning space in the past week is the Mercy Corps and Fonbnk with combined efforts geared towards promoting web 3 inclusion and exploring earning opportunities in the space. Also, headlining in the web3 inclusion and advocacy space is Binance, via its recently held economic summit in Nigeria which was focused on making decentralized economies more accessible to the ordinary person. 

To catch up on the impacts Binance and its partner companies have effected, check out these two episodes in the series featuring Emmanuel Babalola, CEO of Bundle, a Binance subsidiary

Amidst the bearing claws of the SEC and Central Bank on Nigerian cryptocurrency startups, and the recent Quidax layoff of a significant portion of its workforce, news worth celebrating is the partnership between Afropolitan, first-ever digital nation set to empower & encourage Africans in the building of abundant lives and , the NEAR protocol.This collaboration will give Afropolitan creatives access to the support and network of thousands of creators from within the protocol 


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Sovereign Frontier Podcast
Sovereign Frontier podcast highlights projects, ecosystems and people making impact and driving crypto adoption across Africa. Get informed on all things bitcoin, Defi, NFTs, web3, and everything in-between.