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Afropolitan | How to Start a New Country

Afropolitan | How to Start a New Country

The idea of creating a digitally decentralised network state was non-existent and would have seemed abstract and unachievable without the influence of blockchain technology and web3. 

This episode features Eche Emole, founder of Afropolitan,. An alumnus of Flutterwave, Eche is bringing his experience in building and a 10-year wealth of knowledge growing African communities in diaspora to build a network that features the best that Africa and the diaspora offer across art, finance, tech, and media. 

Eche shares his vision to establish the world’s first network state through Afropolitan. The vision is to create a country that first exists as virtual communities of Africans, achieve critical mass as a fully functional network state, and then manifest physically in representative geographic locations across the world. 

Eche states the fundamental role of blockchain technology and web3 in achieving this goal.  The project will leverage web3 principles of decentralisation, ownership of information, as well as blockchain principles of immutability, governance and transparency to build a virtual country, with the goal to showcase the best Africa has to offer, spanning various industries. 

Leveraging existing infrastructure to manifest mass physical impact across African cities by correcting defects that currently exist in African countries, especially as relates to governance and availability of equal economic opportunities.

The creation of an effective network state will potentially eliminate biases that have become associated with Africa and progressively, create a country where there is equality, accountability and transparency in leadership and in internal processes. All of these efforts are targeted at building an Africa that Africans can be proud of. 

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Sovereign Frontier
Sovereign Frontier Podcast
Sovereign Frontier podcast highlights projects, ecosystems and people making impact and driving crypto adoption across Africa. Get informed on all things bitcoin, Defi, NFTs, web3, and everything in-between.