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DeSciWorld | Science Decentralised & Unabridged - Joshua Bate & Jelani Clarke, PhD

DeSciWorld | Science Decentralised & Unabridged - Joshua Bate & Jelani Clarke, PhD

To what extent can blockchain and the decentralisation of scientific processes influence the trajectory of traditional science?

This episode features Joshua Bate, a founder of the DeSci World project, and Dr Jelani Clarke, a core contributor. Joshua’s interest in the sciences comes from an interest in streamlined processes, with DeSci World, he is now seeking to explore new possibilities for making science more people based, giving people like Dr Clarke an opportunity to work with global scientists, while potentially being funded by genuine supporters.

Website: DeSci.World 


They speak on the far reaching influence of science in virtually every aspect of our physical world. The project seeks to correct the structural deficiencies and visible pain points with modern science which are as a result of a purely centralized system, notably, impediments to accessing funding, funding bias, contributor discrimination and limitations to exploring new areas for research work. 

The DeSci world project is founded on the strong belief that knowledge from & through science should flow freely without barriers, and also that science should be used as a force to ensure an evolution that puts people first. Science should be purely driven by a motive for true, authentic research and as a force for public good, devoid of external political influences that could purport untruths.

The project will thrive off apolitical funding methods for funding research through contributions from persons interested in that research as well as a general openness to global contributors. 

Community mediated governance is a key structure that should exist, it ensures that ethics and best practices in research are preserved and adhered to. There is also the need to implement ideals such as proof of identity and KYC for the purpose of protecting the research ownership rights of researchers, and adding an extra layer of security for community members, such that harmful research does not pass.

DeSci world aims to implement a merging of web3 technologies into the open science space through Web3 tooling, certain DeFi-type processes and blockchain mechanisms to improve on the existing structures of traditional science, all as a step forward to ensure a free, fair and more equitable scientific ecosystem.

To read more on the possibilities of the decentralised science space, the has some useful information.

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