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Pillow Fund | Benefit of Crypto Savings for Africa

Pillow Fund | Benefit of Crypto Savings for Africa

Decentralized finance has evolved to include the robust range of services that were once native to TradFi. 

Arindam Roy is the founder of Pillow Fund, a DeFi platform that makes crypto investment possible for the ordinary person. With a wealth of experience as a crypto investor, community builder and educator, Roy is keen on helping others discover the vast possibilities defi offers to the world of finance.

Pillow is a crypto-powered investment repository that allows users to have a unique experience investing in vetted crypto protocols and earning yields. Through the creation of unique best practices, the fund ensures the security of its users whether the market is in a bull or bear.

The risks with crypto investment, including hacks and scams are eliminated through secure hedging of funds and boycotting high-risk financial practices such as the offering of uncollateralized loans. This ensures the creation of a secure environment for people to safely invest without fear of loss. 

The fund employs instruments to avoid pitfalls that currently exist in traditional financial institutions which makes investors prone to loss and has measures in place to ensure that users gain the most in a bull, and stand a near zero risk of loss in a bear.

Arindam mentions that perhaps the most attractive feature of the service is that it is fully liquid and allows users full control over their assets with no barriers to funding or withdrawals. 

The goal of Pillow is to help users build a strong investing culture which will translate to wealth creation in the long term. This will be achieved by providing access to vetted,  high yield tokens and protocols with guaranteed returns on investment. 

User education is key to adoption of decentralized finance technologies. Through its established online communities, pillow aims to  onboard many more people to the world of decentralized finance through education of people about what DeFi really is, and the potential it holds for the future of finance. 

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Sovereign Frontier
Sovereign Frontier Podcast
Sovereign Frontier podcast highlights projects, ecosystems and people making impact and driving crypto adoption across Africa. Get informed on all things bitcoin, Defi, NFTs, web3, and everything in-between.