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Sats & Gwei 05 | Binance launches zero-fee bitcoin trading, Qala training bitcoin devs for Africa and more.🚀🎊

Sats & Gwei 05 | Binance launches zero-fee bitcoin trading, Qala training bitcoin devs for Africa and more.🚀🎊

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How massive is cryptocurrency adoption in Africa?

As a result of the combined efforts of stakeholders in the African cryptocurrency space, there continues to be a massive uptake in the number of Africans who are now familiar with these technologies and are aware of the transformative potential they carry. 

Harsh regulations are still being slammed on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency trading across many African countries. This has however not caused a halt in growth or adoption. Efforts to educate youths in Africa are still being intensified via umbrella initiatives such as BCAT.

In an effort to encourage entrepreneurs to stay innovative in the space, several cryptocurrency organizations have dedicated to helping entrepreneurs in Africa get ahead on their business niches by leveraging on blockchain technologies, with added incentives to encourage participation.

Bitcoin has maintained its relevance on the global cryptocurrency stage despite the dip as a result of the bear market, with fore organizations such as Qala launching developer initiatives to encourage the building of blockchain infrastructure on the bitcoin and lightning networks. 

While South Africans appear to be increasingly interested in the metaverse, with recent reports showing an uptick in participants, the Central African Republic continues to blaze the trail, following the recent launch of its bitcoin side chain network - The Sango Platform.

Listen in as we bring you these and many more crypto news and events about Africa in this week’s episode of Sats & Gwei.

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