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Sats & Gwei 16 | Bootcamps, Adoption, Accelerator programs and Crypto dreams

Sats & Gwei 16 | Bootcamps, Adoption, Accelerator programs and Crypto dreams

Bankless Africa presents Sats & Gwei, a podcast for your weekly crypto news update from all around Africa!

The Africa Crypto scene continues to buzz with activities every week. Prices of major currencies have remained relatively stable, with slightly noticeable changes in a few instances across the board. Africans continue to innovate despite harsh operating conditions and the bear.

The President of the central bank of Kenya has declared the call to convert Kenya’s cash reserves to bitcoin preposterous.

The stance of the Central Bank of Kenya as regards cryptocurrencies has remained unchanged. The president, Patrick Njoroge has cited the huge risks involved with trading and buying cryptocurrencies, as well as their volatile nature which makes them unsuitable for use as a cash reserve basis

The NFT marketplace has grown rapidly over the past couple of years, reaching new highs in terms of adoption, trade volumes, and a number of projects. This growth can be credited to the minds of brilliant artists like Osinachi, dubbed “Africa’s foremost crypto artist”, who keep the engines of the NFT space moving.  

Osinachi has announced the start of his accelerator program on MakersPlace which will allow African artists and creators living in Africa to exhibit their art, allowing them to gain the exposure and much-awaited recognition they deserve. Selected candidates will have their art featured on Nov.3 at the premiere of the accelerator program in Lagos, with a follow-up exhibition in Miami for six artists who scale the initial round.

Polygon is in the process of hosting its first-ever event, which is an 8-week long intensive web3 Bootcamp and hackathon in Kenya. The camp will be co-sponsored by the global crypto bank Xend Finance, with the intention to give financial incentives for developers to allow them to take their projects from idea to execution.

The goal of the Bootcamp is to give training & education around blockchain development, provide financial support as well as make mentorship opportunities more accessible.

This and many other updates featured in this week’s roll up. 

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Sovereign Frontier Podcast
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