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Sats & Gwei | 6 African Countries banned Crypto | Africa Bitcoin Conference ignites hope| Strike Partners with Bitnob to improve remittance| And more!

Spacevent | Decentralizing events management | Boom, Bust, Build!

Sats & Gwei | Ejara raises $8mil | Mercy Corps and Fonbnk pilot a ‘Learn to Earn’ program | NEAR partners with Afropolitan | and more!

FTX Crash | A young African Perspective w/ Omar Farooq

Sats & Gwei | Kenya looks to tax crypto transactions | South African Reserve Bank eyes ‘digital rand’| Celo Foundation unveils Web3 Fund for startups in Africa| and more!

Boom | Disrupting Global Commerce w/ Peter Alfred-Adekeye

Sats & Gwei | FTX looses South Africa license | Modus luanches AI x blockchain Fund for sub-sahara Africa | Nestcoin declares FTXs impact on their operations | And more!

Sats & Gwei | FTX collapse hits Africa hard | Investors getting paid in Bitcoin by Sun exchange | Alibaba aims to accelerate crypto adoption Africa | And more!

Sats & Gwei | BTC now accepted in one of South Africa’s largest Supermarkets | Zimbabwe to launch a CBDC | and more

How Blockchain will change the Concept of Trust | Bankless Africa Newsletter

Sats & Gwei | Win for Crypto Regulation | BTC mining scam hits South Africa | Binance named most innovative Blockchian provider | And More

Defi Africa | Ghana Crypto & Defi Summit 2022 w/ Sahabia Yakubu

Web3 And The Creator Economy: What Is It All About? | Bankless Africa Newsletter

Sats & Gwei | Web3 x World’s Biggest Afrobeats Music Festival, partnerships, boosting adoption and more!!

JIA | Banking with Heart 🏦💖💞😻

Musing on Incentive Design: A Journey Into Systems Thinking| Bankless Africa Newsletter

Sats & Gwei | Africa crypto Adoption Uponly, despite bear market. Nigeria’s vice president speaks on web3!

Carbon Collectible NFTs | Using Web3 to fight Climate Change!

Tips On Managing a Bear Market in Africa| Bankless Africa Newsletter

Sats & Gwei 17 | demand for blockchain devs on the rise, Hackathons, Gaming guilds, Cassava Network !

Trust | A Cultural Shift

Blind signing in DeFi | NFTs: A Game-changer for Education?| Bankless Africa Newsletter

Sats & Gwei 16 | Bootcamps, Adoption, Accelerator programs and Crypto dreams

Bundle | Social Payment for Cash & Crypto 💵💰

Stability and Security of Crypto & its Inclusion in Africa | Bankless Africa Newsletter

Sats & Gwei 15 | Acqusition, Integrations, Crypto mining attacks & more in Africa🌍

The “more” in decentralized governance

Binance | Binance in Africa

How NFTS Can Help Preserve The History Of African Music | Bankless Africa Newsletter

Sats & Gwei 14 | fundraising season, first official Bitcoin event in Africa and more💯⚡

SiBAN | Stakeholders in Blockchain Technology Association of Nigeria ⚖️⚖️

Sats & Gwei 13 | Nigeria and Binance in talks to create a crypto friendly zone in the country!

Why the DAO Model Is the Future of Governance | Bankless Africa Newsletter

A new operational framework for Bankless Africa

Revewz | Review to Earn

How Crypto Offers the Potential for Financial Inclusion Across Africa| Bankless Africa Newsletter

Sats & Gwei 12 | More Than a Third of Africa’s 53 Million Crypto Owners Are From Nigeria😮

Eth Safari | Celebrating the Decentralized Future in Africa

Game-changing Technology | Bankless Africa Newsletter

Sats & Gwei 11 | first Africa metaverse opens to the world, Blockchain tech provides jobs, solves problems, and More

DAO Governance: The Realities of Decentralized Decision Making

Afropolitan | How to Start a New Country

How Blockchain Could Improve Healthcare in Africa| Bankless Africa Newsletter

Sats & Gwei 10 | Bitcoin Village in Nigeria..! Polygon partners with web3 ladies & More

Pillow Fund | Benefit of Crypto Savings for Africa

We Seff Sabi, Governance No Sweet 🙃| Bankless Africa Pidgin Parlour Newsletter

What is Generative Art and Why Does It Matter?| Bankless Africa Newsletter

Sats & Gwei 09 | The most crypto obsessed nation in the world is Nigeria!!

DeSciWorld | Science Decentralised & Unabridged - Joshua Bate & Jelani Clarke, PhD

I Get It, Governance Sucks| Bankless Africa Governace Newsletter

We the People, For the People, By the People.| Bankless Africa Newsletter

Sats & Gwei 08| Celo Africa web3 fund launches in Kenya, Nigeria’s Naira hits all time low & more

Sats & Gwei 07 | Inflation sours in South Africa, more people seek to invest in Crypto, Near blockchain trains devs & more

CBDC Development Wey Dey On the African Continent | Bankless Africa Pidgin Newsletter

The Royals NFT | Creating an Onchain Royal Family w/ Dr. Hans

CBDC Development on the African Continent | Bankless Africa Newsletter

Sats & Gwei 06 | CAR to issue 210 million tokens, Nigeria takes the lead in crypto regulation in Africa & more

Good Dollar | Making Social Impact with Crypto w/ Anna Stone

The Culture and Language Barrier | BanklessAfrica Newsletter

Sats & Gwei 05 | Binance launches zero-fee bitcoin trading, Qala training bitcoin devs for Africa and more.🚀🎊

Ghana Unity DAO | Africa’s Turn w/ Del Titus Bawuah

The African Perspective to the Web3 Buzz | BanklessAfrica Newsletter

Sats & Gwei 04 | Celo launches Web3 Fund for Africa, Binance CEO visits West Africa & More...

Web3 Needs Africa | BanklessAfrica Newsletter

Sats & Gwei 03 | Bitcoin as legal tender in Central Africa Republic is a go!!!🤓🚀🎊

Waya Collective | Financing Africa’s Industrial Revolution with Simon Peters

Africa: Crypto Regulation Overview | BanklessAfrica Newsletter

FTX | FTX in Africa with Harrison Obiefule

Centralized and Decentralized Finance Startup Landscape in Africa | BanklessAfrica Newsletter

Sats & Gwei 02

Sats & Gwei 01

How Africans Can Offramp Their BANK Tokens Into Fiat Currency Through Mobile Money Wallets | BanklessAfrica Newsletter

Audacity Fund | Funding Continental Growth with Erikan Obotetukudo

How To Buy and Sell Crypto in Africa (Peer-to-Peer) | BanklessAfrica Newsletter

Adding Stablecoins as Part of a Balanced Portfolio | BanklessAfrica Newsletter #3

Issue 2 | Why contributing to DAOs is a Great Opportunity for Africans | BanklessAfrica Newsletter

Nestcoin | Democratising Economic Opportunities with Yele Bademosi & David Adeleke

Issue #1 | Creating A Culture Of Inclusion | BanklessAfrica Newsletter

Celo | Defi For The People with Nikhil Raghuveera

The Art Of DAOing with Ap0ll0

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